Tornado about 2 Miles from our Farm: Cisco, Texas

Been meaning to post this. I needed to edit it a bit and then just got busy. We’ve had inches and inches of rain over the last two weeks. Currently overcast but not raining, thank goodness! I haven’t been in the garden to work in days because of the rain. I’m afraid that the weeds… Continue reading Tornado about 2 Miles from our Farm: Cisco, Texas


Babies arrive on the Farm

Poultry delivery this week:  chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.  it’s our first go with the turkeys, and the plan is to have them ready for slaughter by Thanksgiving.  Hmm.  Not sure who will take on that task, and I’m feeling like I’ll be doing the vegetarian holiday meal this year. Trying to get in all… Continue reading Babies arrive on the Farm


Mouse in a Box

I got a box of boxes from a building in Cisco that is being renovated.  The building housed a drugstore for several decades but has been closed for close to 20 years now.  Crazy thing is, the druggist retired, locked the door, and walked away.  EVERYTHING was still there–merchandise, drugs, pill bottles, etc. The new… Continue reading Mouse in a Box